John and Hunel wake up together.

John: good morning, hunel.

Hunel: good morning… i’m still kind of tired…

John: meh… what day is it?

Hunel: 18th… we’re too early up right now by the way, it’s 6 AM…

John: oh come on, why don’t you ever take opportunities?

Hunel: for what?

John winks at Hunel. Hunel blushes hard.

Hunel: john, i swear.

John: alright, alright… let’s get up.

John gets his clothes out of his bag, and Hunel gets dressed up. John is also searching for his own clothes. While so, they’re talking.

Hunel: Hey, though, what should we do? Maybe like, play some games?

John: What game?

Hunel: I don’t know, some challenging games? Like… remembering names, or something similar to that?-

John: Oh, I know one. It’s going to be VERY hard though.

Hunel: What’s the name of it?

John: It’s, uh… simple square drawn on a paper, but it’s actually very hard.

Hunel: What is it’s name, tell it already!

John: Dots and Boxes. It’s a game with 4x4 grid of dots, and you should connect it with horizontal or vertical lines, only from a dot to another, and if you make a box, you get an extra line to draw.

Hunel: Oh. That’s not that hard.

John: It is, to me.

They finally dress up.

Hunel: Sure, whatever.

John: I expect something.

Hunel: What is it now?

John: Our house was raided near nighttime, and we’re lucky we got out of the house. It could even be bombed.

Hunel: Oh. Those guys, right?

John: Yeah… As Levi said, we’ll have to stay a few days more.

Hunel: That’s ok with me, we’ve had some guests for more than a week too.

John gets out of Hunel’s room, and Hunel follows him.

Muyek: Levi, your brother woke up.

Levi: Yo, John. Good morning.

John looks at Levi in a broken-alike face.

John: What are you two doing up at 6 AM??

Levi: What’s with you both at 6 AM too??

John: We… We just suddenly woke up together.

Levi: Our dreams were connected: mine, yours, and Hunel’s, according to one of your documents, John.

John: …How did you know that?

Levi: You should have some hard box to lock up your documents man, you’re laying some things around in your bag like if its trash. Some literally flied out themselves.

John: …I see. Did you see any other things?

Levi: Not much. I’m gonna guess, is it a research document?

John: Yeah, sure.

Levi: What are we all gonna do, it’s turning 7 AM, and there’s not much that can be done.

Muyek: I’m going to take a nap, I finished making food. I’m not really hungry right now.

Levi: John, it’s our favorite.

John: BEANS?!

Levi: Yeah.

John: Holy shit, finally! Thanks, Muyek!

Muyek: No problem-

40’s type of a phone starts to ring in the living room. John runs to it and picks it up.

John: Hello?

Ruimru* G: Hey. An ômr’. Uxxis’ ǧeqaitôml’ ajoznin’?

John: Ajxû, ajxû ǧeqairpa. Nianɲûsiâw̃. Ṭa uh ɲuefa’ đasû eǩvâef? Uhan ažûǩa’ žêšoh’?

Ruimru* G: Þaa’, þataṭâuq čêšožâ. Ofinâđ ǧeqao’ uh, ħâdêir. Ažkâtozaul.

John: Čôi, ẘǎâw̃ ṭiṭââhi ajef ôþoᵽgoi. Uhamtoi âw̃ôra čêe uhêl ṭa ômr?

Ruimru* G: Uw̃as âw̃ôra’. Žuajw̃ǎtoni uxbâr’ ûfažôŋêŋsêɲoôþ ajef, ni w̃aôvbôr ûfažôŋêŋômr’ ajefôr. Ħâdêir, nikâħêuᵽefi’ uh. Ajef xiiıras’ ajþêêl ôrr’ niujṭâbe.

John: Čôi’. Ûfažôml’ ẘǎâw̃ ṭiṭââhi’. Ǒtâṭga ẘǎâw̃ ṭiṭââhi’. Âw̃u’ ôruh ni, âhto ǧeqaeɲi’ ṭašoh’ ni ûfasŋôômeg. Ŋôirro asčǔᵽǔþažoṭâ, uh asčǔŋǔêl þa êřni ačiħsis’, ajgâqa âw̃u’ âduqiþêŋhê, ħâdêir dopađêh’ þa ǧeqasêturao’ ajef.

Ruimru* G: Ûfôrxi ajâhþê.

John: Daa’ ajgâga!

Ruimru* G: Ajgâga.

John hangs up the phone. Everyone except Hunel looks at John in a very confused way.

John: What? This is how we talk!-

Levi: When did you create a speakable code?

John: A year ago. We still speak thru that code.

Levi: How?!

John: I can’t explain “how”, what do you mean “how”?? It’s just memory.

Levi: How’d you even… I’m not going to question it. All I literally know is that the percentage of what I know about you is decreasing more and more.

John: I can’t say you’re wrong, but I can definitely say you’re right.

Muyek laughs.

Muyek: Good one, John. I’m… I’m going to my room now. See you guys at daytime.

John: Ok.

Muyek goes into his room and is taking a nap with all clothes on.

Levi: We stayed up the whole night. You guys really were sleeping?

John: Yeah. That dream though… How much do you both remember?

Levi: I saw some type of… symbols. That’s all I remember.

Hunel: I’ll tell you in private, John.

John: Ok. Should we go out for a walk? The sun is about to rise.

Hunel: Yeah.

Levi: I’ll go sleep then. John?

John: Yeah?

Levi: Bring a knife or a gun, just in case. This urban could be a bit…

John: I know. I know what to do. I don’t really need any of these. Trust me.

Levi: …Ok. I’ll just sleep next to Muyek, I guess.

Levi goes in Muyek’s room and sleeps beside Muyek.

John: Hunel, what was the dream about?

Hunel: I’ll tell you when we’re outside, they might be overhearing us.

John & Hunel get shoes on, and Hunel opens the door. Both go outside and Hunel shuts the door. They start walking up to a park.

John: What was the dream about?

Hunel: It was that ritual. UÂ-9.

John: Did it show any words?

Hunel: Yes.

John: Were those words on the ground or in air?

Hunel: I’ll tell you it fully. Basically, I saw that ritual, and it started by its own self. Some perfect shapes were divided into 12, burnt up on each big circles with the symbols in it, and… some eye opened up in the center circle. Then, the whole ritual turned into a hole, expanding as a sphere, and we were forced into it. We saw a red cross over white, and there was in center each, a single cross. I’m guessing it was a flag. I woke up immediately.

John: …That…

John’s face darkens.

John: Hunel, do you realize what you’ve saw?

Hunel: Not really…

John: You have to be EXTREMELY quiet about this.

They finally reach a park and they sit down at a bench.

John: What you just saw… was… confidential to this world… That number beside it too, I should tell you right now what it means.

Hunel: Tell me, please.

John: …It’s a ritual, that lets you access an universe, and continues its path as if it were in 9th dimension. That meaning, it is able to access any universe with any type of timeline. Some universes have their own numbering to the ritual. It depends where else that ritual is drawn too.

Hunel: Oh… I thought travelling to other universes were impossible?

John: You ARE travelling to other timelines by making decisions, possibly the universe too. All types of lifeforms, except outside of earth are able to change the universal timeline. The outer space is statically moving everywhere it wants, however, you are able to change its staticity by even landing on one, but it still wont change the other planets. Shooting something to it won’t make the other planets or stars or etc move, etcetera.

Hunel: I see… John, what was that confidential universe that I saw, then?

John: …I can’t tell you. What I dreamt of, though… I…

John starts to sweat, and an officer comes by.

Officer: Hello, children. What are you doing here very early?

Hunel: We were just taking a walk.

Officer: I overheard something about “dimensions” and “confidentiality”. You both mind telling me?

John: Of course we do mind. We can’t tell anything.

Officer gets his wallet out, grabs the 100000 Tyzos he has, in front of John & Hunel.

Officer: Tell me it and I’ll give you this.

John: The information we gain doesn’t cost any money, we price it with life.

Hunel: JOHN!-

Officer grabs gun immediately and has it on John’s head.

John: I’m not scared, Hunel. Just watch his spine shaking like a bullshitter. He’s just like Gylos; A fucking pussy. A nuisance.

Officer: I demand you come with me, NOW.

John: What if I don’t?

Officer: I… I’LL…

John: You can’t do shit to me. Even if you pull the trigger, that confidential thing I mentioned to Hunel will be activated, and that’ll doom you all.

Officer: (This kid… I fucking swear to god…) You!-

John performs a hand gesture, and throws the officer far away, at the edge of the park.

Hunel: HOW THE-

Both get up and run as fast as they can to Muyek’s house.

Officer: God… damn… you…

Officer gets up, runs to where John and Hunel are running, and he’s shooting with only 3 bullets in it.


John & Muyek runs more faster and the officer misses all bullets. Officer stops chasing them, and they get into the house at 8 AM.

Hunel: Holy shit, that was the first ever chase I’ve gotten! And it was over some information!

John: What do you expect?! Kids like us can’t really have this type of infos lying around in our brains here!

Hunel locks the door. Muyek wakes up, comes out of his own room, only to see both of them sweating.

Muyek: What… What happened to you two?

John: We were chased for no reason, by a slut officer…

Muyek: …I’m going outside. Wait here-

John: They left already, you can’t really go now. Holy shit…

Muyek gets back into kitchen, fills up a bottle and gives it to Hunel.

Muyek: Drink it, now. John, you too. Sit down on the couch when you’re done.

Both finish up from a big bottle of water. They sit down on the couch.

John: We were chased down by an officer for having said something “offensive”, and the bitchass tried to violate our rights. He even fucking shot 3 bullets.

Muyek: Shouldn’t you both report that?-

John: There’s no point. They had that sign on their hand.

Muyek: …How was Gylos fired then?

John: Hudek issued it, he is also a high-rank. We don’t have his contact either, and he is missing too. That brave guy hit Gylos. He might be hiding or they actually got him.

Muyek: …I feel bad for him…

John: Same. Hunel, did you understand anything at all what I said back there, anyways?

Hunel: Yeah, I did.

John: Good. Hunel, mind if we talk in private?

Hunel: Yeah, sure.

John goes to Hunel’s room, and Hunel goes inside too. John locks the door.

John: Hunel… The dream I dreamt of was… I…

Hunel: Come on, tell it what it is already!

John: I’m kind of not ready to. Just not yet. I’ll prepare myself to tell you it. I will give you a hint though.

Hunel: Hmm?

John: I was in that world that you saw, in my dream. Thank god Levi couldn’t see it.

Hunel: Oh. You’re beginning to tell it now?

John: Yeah. So, uhh… The perfect shapes divided into 12 represents human beings standing on the ritual, and the eye represents the son of God’s eye. The symbol of that is the same as of God. Some universes I would say would use it for different usage, like “delivering a message to God through his son”.

Hunel: You’re talking about that same one, the one with God and King’s symbol in the middle, an X-shaped “cut” of the outer circle, 4 lines in the centers to connect to other symbols, a semi-elliptic connecting to 2 other circles, that one?

John: Wow, that’s the best description!… But yeah. That one, of course. Our dreams were connected, there’s nothing different that would happen…

Hunel: Are you able to travel to any other universes?

John: Not really… I do wanna try though.

Hunel: What was your past life like?

John: I forgot my past…

Hunel looks at John, with a very serious face.

Hunel: You… You do know, that… forgotten memories have a deep meaning, YOU told us, right?

John: Yeah?

Hunel: Then…

John’s face darkens, with an eerie smile.

John: You figured it out.

Hunel: …WHAT?!