John is alone on the same day, the time is 5:00 PM. Someone is knocking on the door, John goes towards it and he opens the door to see Hunel.

John: Hey, Hunel.

Hunel: Hey. What day is it again?

John: 9th. Just 8 days left, why can’t you guys wait for a bit more?…

Hunel: We’re just excited.

Hunel comes in, and John closes the door, then locks it. Hunel sits down on a couch, and John sits next to him.

John: So, what do you want to say about the information that we have?

Hunel: I think… We just could, erm, release the information to our group before 17th? Come on though, why is it that important to have it in 17th??

John: It’s supposed to be as said here. Puimruan’s coded language that we learnt together is to keep us locked for a bit. They’ll just have to solve it themselves, who comes across our talks.

Hunel: …Well, what about that th-

John: No. None of it will be yet revealed to our group members. Hunel, you should know it, please.

Hunel: Ok, ok… Anyway, you said that we’re in some type of danger, what happened?

John: I had a plan I wanted to execute. You know the Toznole family?

Hunel: Yeah- Wait a second-

John: Yes, just as you think, I might execute it. I might end the family. I don’t give a shit anymore. I don’t feel good about what happened today anyway.

Hunel: What’s the feeling for today?

John: I feel like… I lost a person who was in our family… I can’t know who yet…

Hunel: Oh…

John: Hunel, you know that you’re a very close person to me, right?

Hunel: Yeah.

John: Can I entrust you something?

Hunel: Yes.

John: Pâa’ ulpaevxaâw̃ra bôurzoevđêh’ nivô âǩčûa’, êvra ôrr’ žuôqǧêþa

Hunel: What… did… you… just… say?…

John: Yeah, it’s sad. Ǧenašotêi’ ômr’.

Hunel: That’s… bad… How are you going to solve that?… Isn’t it nearly impossible?…

John: Not to me. Exact timing is the only way for now on, otherwise, just as I said is how it’ll happen. You guys won’t have any resources anymore, and will be a pile of garbage to government then. Trust me.

Hunel: Ok…

John: I declare you a co-lead now. I’ll have our professional tailor make you the outfit for the meetings.

Hunel: Thank you. Hey, I have an idea.

John: Yeah?

Hunel: Could you, if possible, umm… ûfažsêturao’ ôþepe’?

John: Sure thing. Another Puimruan?

Hunel: Yeah.

John: Ok. At the meeting, right?

Hunel: Yes.

John: Ok, deal. I also wanted to tell you one thing…

Hunel: Tell me anything!

John: …I’m coming out of the closet.

Hunel: Huh?

John: I like you.

Hunel blushes.

Hunel: Ok, come on, not now… Seriously though, do you?…

John: Yes, but at the same time, I still, well, want to have children.

Hunel: I see. Heck, you still get me on the spot sometimes.

John: Yeah… Anyway, serious, anything else?

Hunel: Nope. It’s all settled then. You’re revealing some info to us, and bringing another Puimruan that you know. Will you, though, umm… tell their name this time, at least?

John: Yes.

Hunel: I’m glad. Anyway, I’ll leave now. How much time have we spent?

John: To approximate it, it’s just about 20 minutes.

Hunel: Oh, I better get going.

John and Hunel get up at the same time. John and Hunel walks to the door, John unlocks it and Hunel leaves. John closes the door, and locks it again.

John: (Ugh… What should I really do now?… There’s nothing more to do… No more pretending… I can’t right now though… God damn it… I’ll just eat soup…)

John gets a deep bowl, a spoon in it, and goes to the pot with the sour milk soup in it. He grabs the soup scoop, and gets half-full amount of sour milk soup in the bowl. He puts the bowl on the living room’s table, and as he goes to get bread, a knock’s heard on the door. He runs to the door, unlocks it, and it’s Levi.

Levi: Hey.

John: Come in.

Levi comes in and John closes the door, then locks it.

Levi: I smell some soup of my made, you were going to eat?

John: Yeah. Halfway through until eating. Why come so early?

Levi: I have a small surprise for you~

John: What is it?

Levi: I got a job to take care of a dog. The pay is high though.

John: How much are they paying?

Levi: Something around 15 Tyzos per hour. That’s very high, isn’t it?…

John: Holy- Yes, it is.

Levi: They said they’ll increase to 22 Tyzos per hour, if I took care of the dog fully…

John: Wow, that’s amazing! Though, just so you know… If you wanna take the job, take it at your own, I won’t ever force.

Levi: I rather be highly paid for something I really know how to do than just sit down like a stupid guy in the army and be like “oh look at me I’m the best here around and y’all be following my commands too!”. Thank God I wasn’t in.

John: How though? You haven’t told me yet…

John gets bread as they speak, and is taking it to the living room.

Levi: Well, remember how I told you my feet was flat?

John: Yeah.

Levi: That wasn’t a lie. They didn’t accept me, because I had a flat feet. I am really lucky to not be there. I’m glad I am not part of those guys, who try to look like savages. I rather serve the region by going to the REAL army than be a part of the pretenders trying to “rank you up”.

John: Yeah… Levi, I have a question.

Levi: Yeah?

John puts down the bread on the living room's table, he sits down near it on the couch, and Levi sits beside him.

John: Can we visit dad sometime later? Maybe tomorrow?

Levi: …I don’t know, yeah, I guess. He’s 5 kilometers away though.

John: Who cares about distance, he’s our dad… Anyway, could you tune the radio, please?

Levi: Yeah.

Levi goes to the radio, tunes it to the news.

Radio news: Hello, everyone. Today is another sad day.

Levi: Oh for fucks sake.

Radio news: A judge’s father was killed, named-

John: WAIT-

Radio news: “Ħunem Xovoniseji”. His father was killed this morning, his father’s name is “Nareyte Wazoiseji”. He was killed by one of the Toznole family members-

Levi begins to cry. He turns off the radio, he walks to John, and starts hugging him.

Levi: John…

Levi cries harder.

John: Calm down… (I’ll kill those cunts…)

Levi: L-Let’s visit dad next day…

John: Ok.

Levi: John, I beg of you… Whatever you can do, put your brain to use… please… many of the slut cunts are barely able to know almost anything…

John: I will, I will…

Levi cries for a while, and John is calming him down. [SWITCH TO ĦUNEM’S]

Ħunem: …What should I do now…

Ħunem begins to cry.


He begins to cry harder.

Zhaq: …hey, Ħunem?

Ħunem: what is it, Zhaq?

Zhaq: My kid was also killed too… My beautiful child… I didn’t want to suffer more, so we didn’t have another child, you know that already, don’t you?

Ħunem: Yeah…

Zhaq: You know the Toznole family is a huge, HUGE family of murderers? They killed my son too. The only 11 year old girl I had.

Ħunem: What are you trying to say?

Zhaq: To stop the killing, we just have to kill them. The government has been planning it for a long time, in very specific ways. Let’s help them, hey?

Ħunem: No… My son already has a group, specifically aimed for things the government is very against knowing of, and I don’t even get to know a bit of what it will be at all in my life… I’m pretty sure he’s planning something too… If he is, I can’t even try to stop him… He’s very unstoppable…

Zhaq: Yeah. I remember when he fought you with many arguments coming from his mouth at age 10. I’m very surprised your son is exponentially intelligent. Some of us are on a diagonalistic line, and imagine having someone, who’s kind of annoying, but yet, you’ll still need him anytime, no matter what…

Ħunem: …I’ll call Levi and John…

Ħunem calls Levi and John’s number. Levi picks up.

Levi: Who’s this?

Ħunem responds while sobbing.

Ħunem: It’s me…

Levi: You heard it too?

Ħunem: Yes… He was abused before he was killed, too… I won’t mention how…

Levi drops the handset. John runs towards the phone, and picks up the handset near his ear and mouth.

John: Dad…

Ħunem: Yeah?

John: You know what I’ll do to them?

Ħunem: What?

John: …I’ll have them relive the same moments of your father. I will have them be tortured in a chamber. I swear to God and my soul solely that I will FUCKING KILL THEM.

Ħunem: John, please, don’t talk about that here-

John: I don’t care. Dad, just know that I still am kind of against your decisions, but as a dad, I love you. Let me handle this. Please stay back.

Ħunem: John, please, don’t-

John hangs up the phone.

John: Levi, what did dad say that made you drop that handset?

Levi begins to cry even worse.

Levi: He was abused very hard before he was killed…

John’s heart starts beating very harder.

John: Levi? I think I’m…

Levi: What?

John: Levi, Levi, help me, my heart, it’s, help, please, Levi, call the ambulance, LEVI!

John starts to hyperventilate. Levi calls the ambulance.

Operator: Hello?


Operator: Yes, right away. What’s your name-


Operator: Ok. Calm down please. We’re tracking your house.

Levi: Please… Do it faster-

Operator: You live in the Jonxa urban, near Fq’ange?


Operator: Alright. Ambulance is coming on the way. They’ll be there in no time. Please calm down. Have a good day.

Levi hangs up. John is still hyperventilating, and Levi takes John outside for air.




Levi: YES-

They hear the ambulance sirens coming towards them. The ambulance comes in about half a minute. They get in the back of the ambulance car and they’re going as fast as they can to a hospital. They go inside the hospital as fast as they can, and after a while, they come out.

Levi: How are you feeling?…

John: I’m… ok…

Levi: We’re visiting dad tomorrow then…

John: Ok…

They walk to their urban silently, breathing fresh air. They eventually get to their house. Levi unlocks the door and both go inside. Levi shuts the door and locks it.

Levi: Hey, John?

John: Yeah?

Levi: You left your food on the table. I’m surprised that it has any good shape at all, it’s been about 3 hours.

John: Yeah… I’ll eat it.

John sits down on the couch and starts to eat.

Levi: I’ll go rest.

John: Ok.

Levi walks to his room and he rests. John is eating as Levi is asleep.

John: (…I’m going to eat, then tomorrow I’ll talk to dad, more about myself… Dad, you’ll finally know the shit I am. Be happy that you will be knowing it at all.)

John is eating sour milk soup. He finishes up in 5 minutes.

John: (Well… that’s all done, I guess…)

John gets up, and walks straight to his room. He finds the basement door in the floor and he walks down in it.

John: (Wow… Alright… I think it’s time…)

John gets a key out of his pocket, and he unlocks the door to his basement.