Ħunem wakes up. He almost forgot everything that happened yesterday.

Ħunem: Huh? Where am I?-

Ħunem notices John in bed and remembers what happened.

Ħunem: Ah, right. Uuuuuughhhhh…

Ħunem is yawning as he is walking out of John’s room. He sees what food they cooked up, and surprisingly, only one plate’s amount is left in the pot. He eats it from the pot. John wakes up after, but babbles something…

John: ahhh… finally… just as expected…

Ħunem overhears it.

Ħunem: John? Did you say something?-

John: just… as- huh? What??

Ħunem: You were saying something? What “expectations” did you have? Did something happen?

John: I had a weird dream… I saw myself sleeping for this whole night. Dad, what were you doing sleeping with me?

Ħunem: Well, I had to sleep with you, Levi seemed a bit annoyed of me when at night I tried to sleep with him… Look, I couldn’t sleep on a couch, I still had to get up on time.

John: Where are you gonna head to?

Ħunem: I have to meet up with a friend, he’ll have to come near our house. He’s gonna come in about 30 minutes.

John: Ok, I see. Do you mind sitting down on the couch? I wanna tell you something.

Ħunem: Sure.

Both sit down on a couch. John begins to talk first immediately, after sitting down.

John: Dad, why weren’t you telling us anything of each other? You thought we couldn’t get along, or what?

Ħunem: I don’t know… I don’t even want to remember why I didn’t want you to meet Levi, it might’ve been the worst reasoning ever, not only in my own life…

John: Me and Levi know each other now for approximately 3 months. We got together very fast. We shared a lot of things together very fast. We don’t share the same hobbies though. He likes composing for example, and I do some next-level cryptograms. I do also kind of love trying to compose something.

Ħunem: Oh, that’s interesting! What do you exactly mean though, “next-level”?

John: Well, you see, I decoded so many stupid messages of the government. They’re far easier to me. I don’t know why the rest of the world can not decode any of our messages. It’s really simple, though, I don’t want us getting in further trouble.

Ħunem: You know I’m a judge, right?-

John: Justice is justice, not something to get away from. Being strong in your job doesn’t necessarily mean you can get away without consequences. I’ll accept whatever comes to me, in the true form of it.

Ħunem: Yeah…

Levi wakes up and hears them talking. He listens to their conversation.

Ħunem: John, I already told this to Levi a while ago, but, both of your moms are… below ground…

John: I see.

Ħunem: …John, how come you don’t feel sad?

John: Reasons. One is that it’s natural. Second, well… Let’s not talk about it here, because Levi is listening to us.

Levi: HUH?!

Levi runs towards them out of his own room.

Levi: How’d you even know?

John: Just a hunch.

Ħunem: You surprise me now, John!

John: There’s more to it than it being a “hunch” though, I promise I will tell that later. Though, I won’t tell it over the phone.

Ħunem: Yeah, they’ve started to listen to our speakings and actually writing it down on their notepads…

John: I know that already. My friend told me a month ago, and I’ve tried to be careful since.

Ħunem: Why though? What happened?

John: Apparently, I broke a law! I don’t even know which! I am just trying to hide sensitive information!

Ħunem: …Well, don’t worry about that then, they won’t be able to figure out location though. Hey, Levi?

Levi: Yeah?

Ħunem: Be honest, what do you think about John?

Levi: He’s childish, although serious. I can trust him on some things, though it seems that as if he knows what could happen in the future, he acts that way. I am pretty impressed he came out alive from that thing he got into. Let’s not get into a shit mood for now, ok?

Ħunem: Ok… John, what happened exactly?

John: Well, society hates me for saying the truth, I guess. I can say though that I deserved it.

Ħunem: As you say… John, why are you struggling in Avdyean?

John: I only learnt it few years ago by myself, from kids.

Ħunem: You try to speak logically, I can see, but, why? It won’t make exactly any sense to most…

John: I talk to the minority that you didn’t mention. So, those most are off the list to talk to.

Levi: Why so reluctant to talk about how have you even learnt 4 years ago?… You had to know some other language, right?

John: Yeah. Mom was a polyglot. She is a descendant of a Puimruan.

Levi: Ah. I heard the Puimruans were all wiped? Years before Avdye was re-established from slavery?

John: Nope, the families still exist. Not a clear blood of theirs though.

Levi: Weird…

John: Wanna know a fun fact?

Levi: Sure.

Ħunem: John, maybe a bit later?-

John: The kingdom’s history books are just a lie about the land we live on. We’re on the Puimruan lands. The kingdom has been saving our families for years.

Levi: Oh. So, the Avdye being stretched from Black Sea to Caspian Sea was just… fake?…

John: Yep. The true history is shocking. Avdyeans were originated from Africa. The first ever king though, his name is still not revealed. It might not even be, who knows?

Ħunem: Hey, both of you, let’s… Let’s talk about something else for a bit?-

Outside of Levi’s and John’s house is heard a car beeping.

Ħunem: Oh, they’re already here!

Levi runs to the door, opens the door and tells the driver something, near the house’s door.

Levi: Hey! Ħunem will get his shoes on right now, he’ll come out in a bit!

Zhaq: Alright.

Levi closes the door.

Levi: Dad, get your shoes on. Fast.

Ħunem starts getting shoes on in 1 minute. He gets out fast and sits on the passenger’s seat. They wave goodbyes to each other, John finally came out and waved goodbye to Ħunem. The car drove off. Both of them get back in house and they both sit down on a couch.

Levi: I… don’t even know what happened exactly. John, I had a dream again by the way. This time, it was great!

John: What was your dream this time?

Levi: Well, there was numbers floating around, and some people were cheering. The numbers fell in random orders, but to me, none of them were flipped to any side or any other where, just… orderly… It first seemed strange, but then, for whatever reason, I thought it’d be a date. John, remember when you told me you had to go out for 17th?

John: Yeah.

Levi: I heard that sometimes, when “ordered numbers” fall in front of you and you read it, something bad will happen. John, please, be honest, why do you want an exception to go outside without me in 17th June?

John: You really believe that? Come on… I arranged a serious meeting of my group.

Levi: I’m suspicious about it. What’s your group about at all, Hunel is just being fooled around by your… things, right?…

John: No. This group is important to not only me. Please, I just need to be alone there.

Levi: …Fine. Just as I said, only one exception.

John: Good. Anyway, what are we going to make?

Levi: I don’t know. Mind going to a local shop?

John: You said one exception and I’m not breaking my meeting. Come with me.

Levi: Hah, got me there. Alright.

Both of them dress up to go outside, and they’re deciding what to buy before getting to the shop.

John: Hey, Levi, I thought that we could just make Puimruan sour milk soup!

Levi: Ok. How much do we have on hand?

John: We have around 20 Tyzos. It’s enough. Dad left them on the table when we were partying.

Levi: Great. What are the ingredients?

John: Well, we need sour milk itself, rice, one head onion, garlic, some butter, one egg, dill and coriander, salt and a bit more eggs. Around 5 or 6.

Levi: Woah, so it isn’t enough.

John: Yeah. We need at least 55 or more than 55 Tyzos. We’ll make the food after we come home.

Levi: Oh right, the cheering has started. We’ll have to be there or we’ll just be fucked up again. It’s still dumb how they punish people with community service for not being there or etcetera, but I do appreciate that many people with jobs actually get a lot of rest during this month.

John: Yeah. We gonna go now?

Levi: Yeah. Also, if we see a piano, I might just start cheering people.

John: Ok. Sounds cool to me.

They both finish already. They are ready to go outside. Both of them come out at the same time.

Levi: You ready?

John: Yeah. Let’s go!

Levi and John leave the house. They walk down the sidewalk and talk as they’re walking down.

John: You know that it’s kind of far away, right?

Levi: Yeah. Though, it’s for the best for both of us.

John: Hey also, you know how the kingdom treats Puimruans?

Levi: How?

John: They actually treat us pretty well. There’re some discriminations though, of course, but they help us out like if we were gods.

Levi: I see. And we have to suffer for it? The kingdom has been getting people into a bit of suffering, you know?… It’s unacceptable…

John: All that will be fixed, if I am able to talk to the king directly.

Levi: Haha, you? No way. Come on now.

John: Well, you’ve seen successes of me many times, so why not on this particular thing? It does seem off to others too, actually. Imagine meeting a king to tell them they have to stop some bullshittery in the kingdom, though. Well, sometimes the king has to be informed. Of course, he does get informed, but he isn’t really doing much. He’s just like “No, I can’t, because I clearly don’t give a damn”. I just wish his brother was the one to become the king…

Levi: I understand. Everything will be fine. The king’s son though, no doubt that he’s actually a good kid. He’s 14 years old. Hey, come to think of it, he’s like you. He might be better than his father. I also heard that the king will be stepping out of his role after his son’s birthday.

John: Yeah… I’ll be very happy when he becomes one.

They are silent for a little while. They already hear the thousands of people cheering. Levi and John reached the place. They’ve been walking for 30 minutes.

John: We made it in time?? What time is it?

Levi: It’s 5 PM.

John: Oh, the king’s gonna come out now!

The king walks up to a very huge speech stage, and the people start cheering him. The people finally stop to listen to his announcement.

Axazt, King of Avdye: Greetings to everyone. Today as you all know, a hundred years ago began a protest, that was to free the Kingdom of Avdye. This protest was until 23rd. In 23rd, the governments surrendered trying to defeat us, and we have won the most bloody protest ever. Many were in the heaviest conditions, but surprisingly very few died. So few, that in fact, it is three in twenty thousand. One million active protesting people of Avdye, almost everyone was protesting for their freedom. We have became free of this government, but as you all know, this kingdom is still under control by us. Though, I have decided something.

John: Here comes a twist…

Axazt, King of Avdye: I will be stepping out of my role. I know I acted very bad towards the situations of our kingdom, so I will step out, and my oldest son, my only son Alqa will become a king at 15 years old. He’s 14 currently, so I will have to step out of my role, just after his birthday. You can celebrate that night, if you wish. Please, don’t do it as in an offending manner, but as in the appreciation of unfair actions being erased. Thank you.

Levi: He…

John: Yes, he knew what he did. I’m not really surprised that he knows he’s shit, but yet does things anyway…

Levi: Let’s just go for a bit now.

Axazt retells the story of the Avdyeans fighting the protest for freedom and re-establishment of the kingdom. They found a street piano and Levi sits down. People gather around him. Levi starts playing his composition, and more people gather around. John can barely see Levi at this point. Levi finished playing it already. Everyone starts clapping there, and people give out some Tyzos.

Levi: Thank you everyone. John, wanna try playing?

John: Uhhhhhh… ummm…

Levi: Come on, try it!

John: Ok…

John plays his own composition. People clap in confusion, yet most still get the idea. They give out a bit less Tyzos.

John: Thanks!

Levi has a very bad feeling that just started.

Levi: Hey, John?

John: Yeah?

Levi: Let’s go for a bit, I don’t feel good about something.

John: Why? What’s happening?

Levi: I don’t know, I just don’t feel good.

John: Ok, are we going further in or outside the crowd?

Levi: Out. Immediately.

John: Ok, ok.

Levi and John walks out of the crowd a bit fast, go running down and sit at a bench. They hear someone walk past by them.

John: Shit… What’s going to happen?…

Levi: I don’t know…

The man starts running past Levi and John. He was looking behind himself, and looked at Levi and John for moments. They are deliberately confused.

Levi: What the hell…

John: I don’t feel good about this either. Maybe we should run down to our house, call the police and call this a day?

Levi: Ok, ok!

Levi and John run as fast as they can to home. They arrive at home in about 7 minutes of running. They get in the house immediately and lock it up.

John: I think that was close…

Levi: Yeah… I’m calling the police just in case.

Levi immediately gets to the phone and calls the unified emergencies number.

Levi: Hello? We need immediate help about one guy stalking me and my brother on this day…

Operator: Hello, this is Hasa, and what do you know about this stalker, sir?

Levi: This guy, I felt really… I don’t know, he was constantly looking at us before he was off of our viewing range. The person headed up from the Jonxa urban to Fq’ange urban, as me and my brother saw.

Operator: I see… Thanks for the information, please have a good day!

Levi: Same to you.

Levi hangs up the phone. They are silent for a bit, but they hear someone on the door knocking. They look out and its Hudek.

Levi: Hudek? What are you doing here at our house??

Hudek: Sorry, I couldn’t call. My cable wasn’t connecting properly to my phone anymore, so I was unable to call at all.

Levi: Ok… Come inside, I guess…

The interrogator, Hudek comes inside the house, and with Levi’s permission, sits down on a couch.

Levi: We don’t have anything to offer you, sorry…

Hudek: No, no, it’s ok, I ate before I came here. Anyway… We found out some things, and…

John: What is it?

Hudek: It’s confederate information. The paper was somehow copied. There’s no way with the current technology too. However, I was coming here, and the paper disappeared completely. It was rapidly decreasing in size. Do any of you know what this means?

Levi: John, do you have any clues?

John is very quiet, in very deep thoughts about trying to say the truth. He resists to say the truth.

Levi: John??

John finally becomes actually conscious, and stops having deep thoughts.

John: Huh? What?

Levi: John, are you alright?

John: Yeah. What were you guys saying?

Levi: Do you have any theories about the paper’s size decrease? It decreased rapidly, as he said, and it was gone in a second. I’m pretty sure not even an atom of it will be left on his hand.

John: Yeah, I think I do have a theory…