It’s 12:42PM. June 7. John walks in Levi’s bedroom, and wakes him up.

John: Heeeey, Leviiiii?

Levi: nghhhhhnnn…

John: Leviiii?

Levi: whaaaaat…

John: Who’s birthday is it?

Levi: mineeeee…

John: Wake up then, dummy.

Levi: call yourself one… get away for a bit, i’m gonna dress up…

John: Alright.

John leaves Levi alone, Levi dresses up. He leaves his bedroom, and gets to John, at the living room’s couch.

Levi: Hey, John?

John: Yeah?

Levi: You know, I wanted to tell something to you today.

John: What?

Levi: Our dad is coming.

John is kind of scared, but is relieved.

John: Finally, we get to punch our dad, hey?

Levi: Don’t do it hard. He will accept only small force.

John: Hey, let’s invite others to let them see it!

Levi: Sure, but not right now. Let’s wait for a perfect time. It’s only 1 PM…

John: Aw, ok… What are you gonna do now?

Levi: I don’t know, probably write a new composition.

John: Ooh, ok! Also, how much have you been thinking about composing, since like, last week?

Levi: I don’t know myself, really. A lot less. I am more worried about you.

John: Nah, don’t worry. Nothing will happen bad today, it’s your birthday!

Levi: Yeah, sure. Let’s turn on the radio though, I wanna hear something new about today, or whatever will go on.

John: Sure!

John turns on a 38’s type of a radio. It makes a static noise.

Levi: Let’s turn on the news.

John turns on the news by tuning it.

Radio news: Today’s weather is going to be great! A very sunny day, yet a bit hot too. You all will have to wear white!

John: That’s great news!

Levi: Yeah.

Radio news: Today, we also have found out about the person, who had set a fire to the Uky park yesterday before the day! We’re told to not reveal the person yet, as their family would be in harm due to the people’s anger.

Levi: No shit.

Radio news: We also have some other great news! The bloody protest of 8th June will have many people on stage of 100 years ago, the protest that we won in 23rd June! We continued until 23rd, hoping we’d gain independence! And here we are, we’ve gained independence, and this is our 100th anniversary!

Levi: Wait- John?!

John: Yeah, I knew it. Bro, you really thought it ended in 24th?

Levi: Yeah…

Radio news: Thanks for listening for today’s news! We’re going off for this hour!-

John turns off the radio.

John: So, what are we gonna do? What time is it now?

Levi: It’s 1:13. What do you have in your mind right now?

John: Hmm, I thought we should actually just go play billiard?

Levi: Good idea. It’s close to us, just a block away, too. I’ll get dressed up then.

John: Ok!

Levi goes to his bedroom and changes clothes to go outside, John also does the same.

Levi: John, have you ate before you woke me up?

John: Yeah!

Levi: I’ll go eat right now before we go.

John: Ok, I’ll wait.

Levi gets a bowl, goes for the soup, takes some scoops of the soup, puts down the plate in the living room, gets a spoon and bread, and goes back to the living room.

John: I also cleaned up the house, too.

Levi: Nice! I’ll listen to you while eating. Don’t ask things though, ok?

John: Ok.

Levi starts eating the soup.

John: So, today, I also made a great present for you. The present is under your bed, but get it after evening, ok? It’s something cool for you.

Levi nods, and continues to eat.

John: I wanna go to the tomorrow’s speech of the King. Will you come?

Levi nods, and continues to eat the half-full bowl of soup.

John: Cool! I, umm, want to think about something though…

Silence falls. Levi finally eats up his bowl, and John finally has thought of something.

John: Hey, after we’ll come out of the literal playground, where should we go? Do you think we should go buy some great patties from a bakery?

Levi: Yeah, I actually miss eating those patties.

John: Haha! So, are we ready?

Levi: Yeah.

John: Let’s go!

John unlocks the door, and Levi goes outside as well. They lock the door with the hidden key, and Levi hides the key to the same place.

Levi: Let’s talk while going down.

John: Sure!

John and Levi walk down their urban, going to the billiard palace.

Levi: Wanna know more about our dad?

John: Sure.

Levi: So, our dad works in the military. He’s a regional military leader, that meaning he literally is the controller of this region’s army.


Levi: No, duh.

John: Seriously! Tell me about our dad!

Levi: Ok, ok. He has worked once as an officer, then he became a judge. He’s a judge with heavy cases already having his back broken by.

John: I see.

Levi: Yeah, basically, our dad is literally 80% a leader of the country, 20% full of bulls shit to his children.

John: Does dad accept some bad jokes about his past, or some things like that?

Levi: Yeah, you literally can swear him out, only if you’re actually right.

John: …I see. So, he’s basically me.

Levi: Yeah. As much as I see, you’re him, he’s you. You both try to find justice, and act with justice.

John: I’ve noticed some different things in you though, why are you not acting like dad?

Levi: Well, I was left alone for a bit, then dad broke up with your mom, sometime after your birth, etcetera.

John: I see. So, you basically raised yourself with some of your friends?

Levi: Yeah.

They’re already near the Billiard palace. They get in, and start playing 9 ball. They have fun and all, and get out after paying for 1 hour of playing.

Levi: That was damn fun.

John: Yeah, it was. Let’s get some patties now, if we have enough money left?

Levi has counted the amount of Tyzos he has, and it’s enough to get 2 delicious patties.

Levi: I actually just have enough, and we won’t be needing this money anyway for anything, we still have food at home. Let’s get some patties at a bakery.

John: YAY!!

They both walk up, and close to their urban is a small bakery. They get near it, and the person calls them to order what they want.

Yaze: Heeey! Levi and John! You want some patties?

Levi: Yeah, we want some.

Yaze: Ok, here! Also, happy birthday!

Levi: Thanks, Yaze.

Yaze hands the 2 patties to John, and Levi gives her 6 Tyzos.

Levi: Hey, Yaze, in the evening, do you mind having someone shift for you? Come to my party if you can?

Yaze: I’ll see if I can come.

Levi: Ok.

Yaze: Have a great day, both of you!

Levi: You too!

Levi leaves the bakery’s area, and both head home. They open the door, and get in the house, then Levi locks the door.

Levi: What time is it now, John?

John: It’s about 3:14 PM.

Levi: Perfect time to invite dad, too. I’ll also invite Muyek & Hunel.

John: Ok.

Levi gets to the phone, sits down, and calls Muyek & Hunel.

Muyek: Sup Levi! Happy birthday!

Levi: Thanks. Yo, get your brother here on my birthday this time, ok?

Muyek: Sure!

Levi: Ok. I’m waiting for you both.

Levi hangs up the phone.

John: Call dad now, ok?

Levi: Ok.

Levi calls Ħunem, both John’s and Levi’s dad.

Ħunem: Hey, who’s this?

Levi: Dad, it’s me, Levi.

Ħunem: Hey! Levi, how old are you today?

Levi: Dad, don’t act like you don’t know. 20 years old today.

Ħunem: That’s great. How are you?

Levi: Well, I don’t know. Wanna know something fun?

Ħunem: Sure!

Levi hands the phone to John.

John: Hey, dad, remember me?

Ħunem: Oh, John?

John: Of course you’d remember me. Yeah also, my voice changed since age 9. Monotone voice.

Ħunem: John, when I’ll come home, I will explain everything to you, ok? I’ve been trying to find you, seriously…

John: Yeah, sure. Prepare for a punch after you come though. We both will gently punch you.

Ħunem: Haha, ok, sure! I’ll be home in around an hour, ok?

John: Ok.

John hangs up. Time passes by, and everyone’s there already. Ħunem is there, Muyek, Hunel, also Yaze gets in at 7 PM. John opens the door.

John: Heeeey! Yaze!

Yaze: Hey, John! Where’s Levi?

John: Right behind me, come inside!

Yaze gets inside.

Levi: Everyone, listen up. Dad, come in front of me.

Ħunem: (Oh god, he’s actually going to do it)… Coming…

Ħunem stands in front of Levi, and Levi punches Ħunem gently, and with less force. John also does it the same.

Muyek: What… What’s that for, Levi?

Levi: For not telling me that John is actually my half-brother.

John: Yeah… He literally deserved it. Anyway, who’s gonna have the huge piece of cake?

Levi: All of us!

John: Hell yeah!

John cuts the cake for Levi, Yaze, Ħunem, Muyek, Hunel, and himself.

Levi: Dad?

Ħunem: Yeah?

Levi: I want you to stay in our home for today. Sleep with John.

Ħunem: Sure, why not?

Levi: Ok. I just want to feel that I’m actually in a real family once, ok?

Ħunem: I understand, and I’m sorry for not telling most of the things about me…-

Yaze: Hey, Levi, I wanna tell you something…

Levi: Sure, tell me anything!

Yaze: There is this one guy that I like, and he isn’t as bad from outside. Should I really trust that guy? What do you think about a person’s outside personality being observed?

Levi: Well, I think you should stay with him.

Yaze: I thought the same, too.

Levi: How’s your relationship with him?

Yaze: Actually good!

Levi: That’s great!

They have fun for the evening, and they get kind of drunk. Almost everyone got drunk, except Muyek and Yaze. Muyek, Hunel, and Yaze leaves the house after huge partying.

Levi: Dad?

Ħunem: Yeah?

Levi: Goodnight, don’t wet your pants!-

Levi hics.

Ħunem: Haha…

Ħunem gets in John’s bedroom, and John is already sleeping. Ħunem takes off clothes, and sleeps with John after a great party.