A day later, John asks to go with Levi outside.

John: Hey, Levi?

Levi: Yeah?

John: I wanna go outside in the park, please?- With you!!

Levi: Ok then, let’s go outside.

John: Can I go outside with what I am wearing right now?

Levi looks at John. He notices scratches and things on both the shirt and the pants.

Levi: No. Change your clothes. You’re gonna look like someone untrustable to the society.

John: Fine, fine.

John walks to his room, changes his clothes and now is wearing a black sports pants, 2 white stripes on their respective sides of the legs, 2 on left for left leg, 2 on right for right leg. He gets a white shirt on, and has a blue jacket on with a gray hoodie. He doesn’t fasten his jacket.

Levi: John, are you done yet?

John: Wait a bit more!!

Levi: Ok.

John gets his sports shoes on and runs to Levi.

John: DONE!

Levi: Cool. So, are you ready to go out?

John: Yeah.

Levi: Let’s go outside, then.

Levi and John walks towards the door, Levi opens it and they go outside. The key that they were hiding, they lock the house with it, and they go take a walk. While walking to the park, they are talking.

Levi: What was all that mess about, mind telling me?

John: I just make people mad sometimes, they just fucking can’t accept the truth. It’s like they’re trying to ignore the shit and be like “Oh, hey, look, I am very overprotective on something that I didn’t even consent to”! It gives me headache… It’s bullshit…

Levi: I see.

John: They don’t even want to accept, that whatever happened a year ago was all rigged! They don’t want to accept it, or are so dumb-

Levi: You’re talking about the elections again?

John: Yes! This is wrong! Why should a bitchass be on the chair, that there was the greatest men sitting on that chair?! It’s unacceptable! And they even hit people hard and now people are just obeying them?!

Levi: I see what you’re saying, but I guess we just have to live with it. 3 years more and this kingdom will change from being shit. Anyway, be happy yourself, at least you are more likely of surviving, just saying from my perspective and as I see.

John: Yeah… Levi?

Levi: Yeah?

John: We talked so much, we just reached to the park… Let’s sit down already on the bench…

Levi gets confused, but realizes. They sit down on a bench in the park.

Levi: John, so, what are we gonna make again?

John: Some macaroni. Let’s stay here for a little while.

Levi: Ok.

Both are looking at kids, how they play games, and they are all having fun. Levi and John look at other people too, breathes fresh air in and out. After a bit, they talk again to each other.

John: Levi, should I still continue with my current path?

Levi: What do you mean?

John: Just as how I act now, should I continue with all this? Or should I change anything?

Levi: John, you’re my brother, you can be choosing any paths you want. Though, I recommend you to still be a bit childish, you are too young, yet, you’re still trying to push for serious things.

John: I see. But, what if it has come to forcing the new path or the old? Like, if you had to choose my path, what would you choose?

Levi: Nice question there, I still wouldn’t choose bad ones for you. I want you to be an innocent kid yet, you get me? I just want you to not be hurt easily and so on.

John: Ok. Hey, I also wanted to tell you something else t-

A paper with the same blood spilling and such comes right at their bench, and stops there.

Levi: …John…

John: Do not open it.

John gets the paper in the pocket, and Levi is getting a bit angry.

Levi: …John… Give the paper to me right now…

John: Fine. (Ugh…)

John hands the paper to Levi, and Levi reads the text within after unfolding the paper:

"You have done well. We’ve not stopped yet."

Levi & John: …

John: I don’t get it… What?-

Officer #1: Hello? What’s that paper that you teens are holding?

Levi backs and tells the officer something else.

Levi: Something that could be none of your business.

Officer #1: You know, you can’t be that sassy, considering you’re a teen, and you’re talking that way to the officers? Hand me that paper.

John stares dead in the eyes of the officer

John: …You better back off…

Officer #1: Looks like someone’s being sassy and unwielding to the law. Hey, Patu?!

Officer #2: Yeah? What’s going on, Gylos?

Officer #1: They’re not abiding to the law, come here for a sec.

Officer #2: I’m coming!

Officer #2 literally runs towards them with a happy face.

Officer #1: You’ll definitely hand in the paper now.

Both Levi & John get up, and they hand the paper to officer #1. Gylos read out the text on paper. He then demands them to go with both of the officers.

Officer #1: You two are coming.

Levi & John: Why?!

Officer #2: Is this something that you found in the garbage can, or did it roll towards you "magically"? Haha, those stories won’t be helping you cover up yourselves. You’re coming.

Levi: …Fine… (Bitchasses, I will slit your throats if my brother’s- Even if a single hair falls to the ground, I’ll fuck you up…)

All 4 walks into the police department building, in the interrogation room.

Officer #1: Hey, Hudek, those two kids were hiding some bloody paper. Take a look at this.

Gylos hands in the paper that was with blood, and Hudek is in shock.

Interrogator: …Two of you, get out.

Officer #1: Yes, sir!

Both officers get out and Levi & John sit on the two chairs.

Interrogator: So, what’s this paper?

Levi: This paper, we just found it in the park. A day ago, John came to my house beaten up and so on, he was very badly beaten. He was missing for 2 days. That paper with the blood on, it matches the spilling of blood, same paper that John put near my table. There’s no way there was a duplicate of the other paper John gave me. This is impossible.

Interrogator: …Interesting case. We will have to take this as a very serious matter. However, you both will do just as I say and whenever I do, you will obey. This is definitely going to be classified as illegal to see for citizens, even you both, unless your life depends on it-

John: So, you’re saying, that if my life depends on it necessarily, I will be helped?

Interrogator: Yes-

John: So you’re literally giving no fuck and want the person to suffer thorough the investigating?-

Levi slaps John on the head.

Levi: He’s a bit weird, don’t mind him…

John feels something going thru his head. It causes something to happen.

John: Levi.

Levi: Yeah?

John: Leave. Now-

He starts to fall down from the chair and can not breathe. He hits the table with his head, and falls down, hitting his whole body on the floor. He is facing up from ground. He requires CPR immediately.

Levi: JOHN!!

Levi and the interrogator perform CPR on John. He wakes up in about 5 minutes, and Gylos walks in.

Officer #1: What’s going on here?!-

Gylos sees John laying down.

Officer #1: Come on, Hudek, those are fucking liars! You don’t know that they’re lying?-

Levi slowly turns his head to the officer, as he is performing CPR.

Levi: What the fuck did you just say? Do you want to fucking die in this room?

Officer #1: Hey, stop with the threatening, you fucking little cocksucking slut-


Officer #1: Fine, I’ll leave.

Gylos leaves with anger and slams the door so hard.

Interrogator: I fucking swear to god now… Levi, continue the process.

Levi: YES!

Levi continues doing chest compressions, and Hudek opens the door, leaves to confront Gylos, shuts the door.


Officer #1: I WAS JUST JOKING, OK?!



Hudek slaps Gylos so hard, he falls to the ground crying.

Interrogator: Don’t fucking scream to me, and second, you yourself can’t take care of your fucking anger issues, not even any fucking experts in that field. Fucking quxju officer. You’re going to be fired permanently from this job, and will work in farms, got it?



Gylos leaves the building completely, crying also. Hudek gets back in the room, and John is fine now.

Interrogator: John, are you ok?

John: Yeah… I felt something in my brain, I don’t know what… It was some electrocuting or something in my brain, and I just couldn’t handle it… Something changed, I feel it…

The flag of Kingdom of Avdye starts burning in the room, and it disappears entirely. 3 of them are looking confused.

John: We should leave-

Interrogator: Keep all that happened just now as classified. Don’t tell anyone else. You can tell about me slapping Gylos, but don’t tell of this to anyone, got it?

Levi & John: Yes.

Interrogator: You two are free to go. We’ll investigate about the paper too, we’ll return answers in 3 days.

John: That’s on Levi’s birthday. Could we move it a bit, if its dark?

Interrogator: Sure.

John: Thanks. Levi? Let’s go.

Levi: Ok…

They leave the building and go straight down to their local shop. They get 1 kilo of macaroni and are going to home. They talk again while walking to home.

Levi: Why did you almost pass out?

John: I felt something in my brain, really! I did! It was very strange… I don’t know…

Levi: Do you really not know, or are you pretending you don’t know?

John: I promise I am NOT pretending.

Levi: Ok-

John: Levi.

Levi: Yeah?

John: I am not fully a brother, just saying. We both have different mothers. We only saw each other one single time before we met 2 months ago. We only have one father.

Levi: Ok, so what? You’re still my brother… I’ll protect you at all costs.

John: Thanks for that. Anyway, what happened?

They reach the house already and Levi opens the door, hides the key and locks the door from inside the house after both gets in.

Levi: The interrogator destroyed the police officer for cracking jokes at your almost-dead self.

John: He deserved it, it seems. Anyway, are you gonna cook now?

Levi: Yeah.

John: Ok.

Levi gets a pot full of water, heats it up, gets salt in the boiling water, then pulls the whole macaroni in it.

John: I’m gonna go take a nap, ok? Wake me up when it’s done.

Levi: Ok.

John takes a nap in his room with all clothes on. Levi on the other hand is still cooking and taking care of the pot, as water boils. He is done in 15 minutes.

Levi: John? Wake up! Dinner’s ready.

John doesn’t wake up, and Levi turns off the heat.

Levi: John??

Levi walks to John’s room and sees him laying. He hallucinates him as dead, but really, he isn’t. He opens his eyes again. He gets close to John and is trying to wake him up.

Levi: Jooohn?? Ughhh… (He might be in deep sleep right now.)

Levi checks his pulse and his pulse is pretty ok. He then leaves without worrying. He gets a deep bowl, a fork, takes it to the living room. He gets rid of the water from the pot, takes back the bowl and gets macaroni in the bowl. He walks back to the living room and starts eating while thinking about something.

Levi: (So, what am I gonna do tomorrow? I don’t know. I don’t wanna go outside for a little bit… I’m tired… I do most work too, and he’s still being himself and not helping me clean up… Well, at least, he’s acting childish… But why now?… What happened?…)

Levi has already eaten half of the bowl.

Levi: (I still have questions about his own mother, and I’m neither sure for my own too. She’s been gone for 4 years. I don’t know about his. Dad, when you’re gonna come, I will literally punch you in the face for not telling me at 18 years old.)

He finishes up the whole bowl.

Levi: (Well, what do I have to do now? I’ll go shower and then practice.)

Levi gets all his necessary clothes, a towel, and goes into the shower room. He showers and has new clothes on, preparing to practice. A phone call is incoming.

Levi: (I’m ready to go-)

The phone rings. Levi walks towards the phone, sits down and picks up the phone.

????: Hello? Please do not speak. Listen only…

Levi: Yes?-


Levi: What?-

????: I SAID DO NOT SPEAK WHILE I AM TALKING… Sir… I need to tell you something… YOUR BACKYARD… IT HAS- aAAAAAAAA!!-

Phone call cuts short. Levi’s right ear is literally deafened for a bit.

Levi: (What the fuck is wrong… Is this some type of fucking prank going on?… Whatever. Fuck it.)

Levi disconnects the phone for some moments.

Levi: (I’m gonna go practice. I don’t need distractions…)

He sits down at a piano and is practicing, playing classical music.